How to Beat the THORN MONSTERS in King of Thor

If you were put under cryogenic sleep due to a deadly global disease, what would you do? You've just woken up and an empty laboratory with monsters lurking right outside. No one is coming to save you. I'm going to break down the mistakes made, what you should do and how to beat the Thorn monsters in King of Thorn , 90% of the world is going to die, and the planet is just skipping along, going about his day when people suddenly see a mysterious object descending from the heavens. It's not a bird, not a plane, and it's not Superman, but a woman crashing down and splattering like an egg on the sidewalk. But her death is not normal as soon as she hit the ground. Her body turned to stone, crumbling upon impact, with her petrified corpse just laying there for all. To see her dying during the holidays makes me think that she was on the naughty list, and her turning into some kind of stone makes me suspect that she was infected with some kind of crazy disease. Now, if we talk about the worst of the worst diseases out there that can actually kill you within 24 hours of infection, this can range from Ebola to the bubonic plague to dengue fever and a miniature cockle disease, which is a disease that spreads saliva and nasal droplets from infected people and can compromise the lining of the brain and spinal cord. But this chair completely turned into some kind of stone thing, which means that it likely could be an autoimmune disease that can affect and showed problems on the skin, such as the autoimmune condition psoriasis. This also makes me think that anything that can cause symptoms to show on the outside of your skin is serious enough to make anyone freak out because that stone corpse means that shit's about to go down and we have no idea what's going on. 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All the while listening to the best of the best at half the price of other premium audio brands. Still support the channel and click the link of the description box below or go to for up to 30% off and a 45 day happiness guarantee. What more do you need brought to you By Raycon. The public surrounds this woman's corpse in shock. As soon enough, the world comes to know the petrifying news. The World Health Organization has just announced that the corpse of this woman was carrying a deadly virus. The world is coming face to face with a global deadly virus known as acquired cellular induration syndrome, or the Medusa virus, which results in the body producing an excess amount of chemical compounds produced in lethal quantities that has a 100% mortality rate. Turning people within the second stage of infection to stone within twelve hours, and there's no cure. But of course, leave it to the Russians like this guy who then tells the world that they figured out a way to beat the virus by offering cryopreservation to people whose bodies will then be frozen until science can figure out a cure. But the NSA doesn't trust his company Venus Gate, the largest biotech company in the world with infinite resources run by doomsday cults, and they think that they created this virus, so they put up a top secret plan in place to find out the truth. A few years later, the trial chamber becomes operational and 160 members from around the world gather to be the first of many to be cryogenically frozen as the destroyed world waits for someone to find a cure that will not come to most of them, as they will almost all die a horrible death soon. And here we meet the twins Kasumi and Shizuku, among others, as they drive in busses to this creepy Scottish castle inside at orientation. The group is told that they will soon be put to sleep as their sleep pods and vitals will be monitored by the most advanced computer system in the world named Alice. So even if the staff dies, the whole lab will still be running. But there's one problem only one of the twins can enter the trial chamber, so they sadly bid goodbye to each other, promising to meet up again whenever Kasumi wakes up, dropping off their belongings and being injected with a tracker. The 160 members head deep below, blissfully unaware of what horrors await them as they lay in their coffins and pass into a deep slumber. hehehe *awkward laughter* Whoa. Even if the world was in shambles, I'd still be skeptical as hell about all of this. For one cryogenics. Are you kidding me? You mean to tell me that I'll be frozen with my liberties taken away from me and I'll be looked after by a bunch of kooks? You are insane. For starters, cryo biologist Kenneth B story claims that. Cryonics is impossible and will never be possible, as it proposes overturning the laws of physics, chemistry and molecular science, which leads me to my next point. If you told me that cryonics was invented, then I certainly waited at least a few decades with ample research under its belt and not a mere three or four years before testing it out myself. The problem with Cryopreserving as of now is that when frozen significant fractions of the water within the body are converted to ice, however, they are not truly frozen. The chemistry is merely slowed down, which can only be sustained for a few months if an individual was cooled to temperatures required for true long term stability. Then, as of current technology, the person frozen inside would not survive. So I say we might have to let it go on this idea. Seemingly centuries later, Kasumi finally wakes up, but something isn't right. She puts on her glasses and sees the most horrid sight. Nothing. No personnel, no lights, no one except thorny vines encasing the entire room, hugging the walls. It's almost as if she's been sleeping for decades, but that's when all the Crile pods begin opening up one by one and confused members wake up to each other. Baffled and worried. Something is not right and everyone knows it. Kasumi tries to get down, but that's when she comes face to face with a horrifying mutated bat, scaring the life out of her and causing her to fall. And that's when the horror show begins. one by one, these mutated devil bats begin to descend from the skies above as an army of bloodsucking vampires begin killing everybody in the room. In absolute terror, people begin panicking and rushing to the door, hitting and shoving each other like their lives depend on it. The door finally opens, but there's no lift. And in all the chaos and pushing and shoving, people begin falling to their deaths, seemingly choosing to avoid a more terrifying fate by staying with the mutated bats. But down the shaft, the horror only continues with this gigantic, terrifying octopus eating all of those who fall to their death like a ten course cannibal meal. But then this glasses guy finally finds a second door leading into another strange room, and so the group makes a terrified dash for the door, sealing themselves in to catch their breath. However, they don't realize that what awaits them outside of this room is even more terrifying that the monsters here themselves. I knew nothing ever good came from trusting a company with the Word Corp in their name, but I'm surprised Kasumi even got out of there without even a scratch. There wasn't any good way out of this, but we definitely could have used everybody else to help me out. During their kerfuffle, I would have run near the elevator doors and would have tried to stay within the crowd, using them as protection to decrease the likelihood of the mutant bats picking me off. But I would have purposefully tried to stuff myself within the middle of the crowd toward either the left or right side of the walls surrounding them. This way, even if I got pushed to the front, I would have been stopped by the various structures tethered to the wall, and this part is very important. So listen up. If the power is not working properly, I would be scared to take a lift in a normal building and these people want to take a left inside. This power drains a laboratory. That's insane. This is why being positioned near the left or right side of the walls would have been the perfect spot. The crowd would have helped me from avoiding any bats and on the off chance there wasn't a left there. Then at least I would have been able to grab onto the side of either of the walls without being mindlessly shoved into the empty lift shaft. The group takes a breather as we meet the other surviving members. They try to figure out how long they've been asleep for and where those terrifying bats came from. Just then, Kasumi recognizes this guy's legs as it was the same legs she saw earlier. Let's call him Six Pack Stud and she thinks something is not right with him. And what happened to the computer system Alice, who was supposed to be looking after them. The group has more questions than answers, but decide to get a move on exploring what's beyond this room as no one's coming to help them. Just then they hear a strange rumbling outside sounding like the footsteps of something huge they need to move now. The group finally stumbles across a path overridden with leaking water. They have to find another route. This old man has had enough and he plops down and just sits there. But then in the distance, we see saliva dripping from the ceiling dripping closer to the group as the seconds pass, menacingly approaching the old man and he doesn't even know it. Tall Guy gets annoyed with old man's whining and tells him to shut it, but just then a flood of saliva spills right in front of him as he looks up to the most terrifying sight. This dragon saber tooth creature, the beast, then chomped down onto the old man's face, lifting him up with its alien mandibles as the terrified old man helplessly begs to be spared. But this creature is no ally and clamps down onto his neck, decapitating his head from his body and the rest of the gang reacts in horror. They need to run, and they bolt, skirting through the pipe ridden hallways until this kid tells them to stop running, claiming that this monster is exactly like the one in his game. This kid thinks he knows that monster's weakness. He tells the group that the monster. Or attacked them because he heard them and that it's actually blind. The group thinks he's nuts, but they are running out of time. The monster is drawing closer cornering. Their only exit, forcing them to think fast and jumping into the water below them thanks to six packs, does creativity. OK, OK. If the first thing that you saw was mutant bats, then I think it's safe to assume that there are probably more baddies lurking around this facility, especially if we've been asleep long enough for plants to take over the entire underground building. Now, the kids said that this monster had bad vision, meaning that it relied mainly on echolocation. But if that's true, then that would still have meant that that monster could see at least a little. A very common mistake is thinking that bats are blind when in reality, they actually have very good vision. It's just more sensitive than regular humans, and some just can't see color. However, if we used what the kids said, then that means that this monster mainly uses echolocation to find us, which is done by emitting high frequency sound pulses through the mouth or nose and listening to the Echo. And the only things in nature that are made of flat, smooth surfaces are bodies of water and rocks. However, anything made from materials with small ridges or imperfections like old metal pipes would likely bounce the sound back to the bat, giving them a specific location of where this material was located. Which is why I think the group could have hid behind the countless metal pipes there and could have shielded themselves from the monster's echolocation as it would have bounced back on the pipes instead of them. And we were near a body of water to jump in, which is why I think it could have been worth risking it before simply jumping into the water, not knowing the direction of where this end or river would take us. Kasumi tries but fails to catch your breath in the water, and she passes out and the gang unknowingly leaves her behind until they realize she's missing and Six Pack Stud heads back in to save her, barely making it in time to save her. And he brings her back to shore. But something is off because tall guy here thinks that there's more of those monsters down in this hallway. He's wrong. However, since the terrifying monsters are right above that dripping saliva onto the cold steel floor, the group looks up and sees an army of those things ready to pounce, causing them to run. Six Pack Stud thinks fast and tripped some of them as the gang blast through the hallway at mach speed running under this door as they come to a dead end. The gang now has no choice but to fight these things. Six Pack Stud gets ready to bring it on, but not before a tall guy and glasses guy decide to shoot their borrowed lead into these beasts, blasting all of them six ways to Sunday. But the horror won't stop as more of these monsters keep coming, and one of them eyes Six Pack Stud and tries coming for his face. He demands that one of them pass him a gun as he gets cornered, but then suddenly Kasumi distracts them by banging a wrench, causing the monsters to come for her throat. She's about to die as the monsters get ready to pounce, but then Six Pack Stud gets awarded a shotgun and takes this final monster down, blowing him away badder than Simon Pegg in an action flick. But suddenly one of the monsters pops back up, using its tail and knocking down tall guy, forcing six packs to chase him away before shooting the door shut. This monster is not what it seems as its corpse suddenly turns into stone. This thing has the Medusa virus, and now it seems as though it's evolved to infects animals, too. The group contemplates how long they've truly been asleep for as they try to take a breather, and this nurse bandages up tall guy telling him that she was a medical professional. Six Pack Stud also loads up, while Kasumi and Glasses Guy dig through the files to find out what has happened but can't find much. Although something is not sitting right with the six pack stuck as he notices something about glasses, guy. Just then, this blond haired girl finally snaps thanks to the kid not shutting up about his game. Freaking out about him and the monsters who are lurking just outside. Tall Guy then snaps her out of it as Six Pack Stud calls out glasses. Guy. Firstly, our partners down here are the only ones we can trust, but that could be a problem, since we don't know them well enough. Heck. Six Pack Stud is a convict. From the start, I would have taken into account how being down here would affect everybody, and this includes stress levels because this blond girl just tried to beat the shit out of the kid before she suddenly came to her senses. This makes me think that she's losing it, and if that's the case, then how long before the rest of the group goes crazy to stress? Buildup can disrupt synapse regulation, resulting in the loss of sociability and the avoidance of interaction with others. Blonde hair chick going nuts already makes me think that the longer we stay down here, the more messed up dangerous and unreliable our group will start to be. And I can't be leading a bunch of crazies down here. So believe it or not, I'd break out of these golden hands and start giving everyone a free massage foot massage back rub and even maybe a yoga session or two to get every single person in this room to chill as the better. I help them manage their stress levels, the safer off I'll be, at least until we get to the surface. Then it's every man for himself, which is why it would be good to make a few friends down here. Six Pack Stud calls glasses guy out saying before entering cryo sleep, they had to take off all of their belongings, but glasses guy is still wearing. His chain necklace, glasses, guy whips up bullshit and swears he snuck his necklace through security, but no one believes him. That's when he grabs his gun and holds Kasumi hostage, finally letting the truth out. He says that he planned to come here alone until everyone followed him, claiming that he was sent here to do God's holy work, shooting the controls on his way out as he drags Kasumi into the left, saying that if anyone follows him, she's dead. Before leaving, he gives them directions out of this place as the lift door closes on costumes, terrified face in the lift glasses, guy realizes that he's seen Kasumi before almost getting scared himself at the sight of her, but she doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. Back at the Security Center Six Pack Stud prepares to go get Kasumi as he owes her one thanks to her saving his butt earlier. The rest decide to join in, but just then, blond girl suddenly finds out the most horrifying news on the computer they find today's date showing. It's only been two days since they went to sleep. Not years, not months, but two days. They quickly leave the center to find more answers from Glass's guy, who surely knows more than he's letting on. Back in the lift glasses, Guy tells Kasumi of when he met her back when the cryogenic chamber started to open up, he saw Kasumi Brute force open the entrance to the Pod Bay following behind her millions of live thorns as if she was controlling them. But Kasumi thinks it's her identical twin sister. She zuku, she's alive. Kasumi begs the doc for more information about her sister, but that's all he knows. She left just as quickly as she came. Just then, a massive rumbling is heard as the lift trembles. Something is going on outside. Meanwhile, Six Pack Stud in the gang, come across an atrium and bump into more of those terrifying monsters as the hallway and the floors beneath are littered with flesh eating demons, so they head upwards as quietly as they can. Using the vines to painfully cling to the ledge, the boy and blond girl go first. Then tall guy follows. But a second major tremor blows through the atrium as pieces of glass shards and debris come crashing down, causing the blond girl to inadvertently squeal for her life, alerting the monsters below. They need to get out of their Six Pack Stud prepares for the inevitable as he gets surrounded by monsters, but takes one for the teen, firing a round into the gas line, causing the whole area to blow up. OK? They could have avoided this hiccup from the beginning after experiencing what the kid had to say. We now know for a fact that these monsters use echolocation. They could have used this to their advantage, to a better prepared for what was to come. They were already at the security center and stocked up on ammo and weapons. They could have foreseen that they were probably 

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